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Dun horses consist of all horses which posess primitive markings. These consist of a dorsal stripe (lineback) and possibly one or more of the following: bars on the sides of the hocks as well as above, below or behind the knees, a stripe over the withers, and sometimes concentric rings on the forehead known as cobwebbing.

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(WINTER COAT)  Dun                                                       (WINTER COAT)  Dun                               (LEG BARRING) Grullo

                           Zebra dun is the most common expression of the dun factor. These horses have black points and bodies of some shade of tan or yellow. They tend to be more of a tan shade than the clearer yellow of buckskins. Their heads are usually darker than the body shade. Duns are from pale silver thru a peanut butter shade to a golden dun. Darker shades can be nearly bay, but lack the true red color of a bay. Zebra duns with heavy countershading over the dorsal area are called coyote duns.

Grullo or grulla is generally a darker expression of dun. These horses have black points and generally have  black or dark heads. Body colors vary from a bluish color-some almost light enough to be silver-thru a beige shade. Primitive marks are black.

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Grulla fillies in their winter coats

There are also some dun shades with non-black points-referred to as red duns or claybank duns.

Dun horses cross on many different colors other than the typical flaxen m/t chestnuts desired for palomino. For example, when dun is crossed to black, some exotic shades of pale silvery dun may result. Dun is truly a designer gene for exotic colors in a rainbow of hues. 

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Mini Moons Knap Weed (grulla filly)                  Mini Moons Dun Deal (zebra dun stud)

Sire: Mini Moons Tumble Weed                           Sire: Mini Moons Tumble Weed

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Mini Moons Tiny Dancing Weed (grulla filly)

Sire: Mini Moons Tumble Weed


foaled 4/15/01* filly* zebra grulla


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Grullo Miniature Horse


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Cielo....  check out these primitive markings!