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The object of The Treasure State Miniature Horse Club is to promote the Miniature Horse breed, to assist in the marketing of the breed, to promote shows, to provide information on the origin, types, standards, breeding and training of the Miniature Horse.

We are a Montana based club, but open to all members!

2006 TSMHC BOARD OF DIRECTORS                  

President:  Sharon Hanson

Vice President: Joann Feller

Secretary/Treasurer: Brandy Deaton

Newsletter Editor: Brandy Deaton

Web Master: Edel Howard

Show Committee: Sharon Hanson, Sherry Thomas, Marge Wegner, Brandy Deaton


2006 Treasure State Shows

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3 Judge-AMHR

**Treasure State Point Show**

presented by:

Lilac Meadows Miniature Horses

Sweet Pea Miniature Horses

June 24th & 25 2006

Ravalli County Fairgrounds

Hamilton Montana

June 26th& 27th

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Little Legends Horse Shows

both 2 Judge Shows

Date:   July 8 & 9 Lazy D Arena, Vaughn, Montana


Date: July 29th & 30th Montana State Fair Great Falls, Montana

(Treasure State point show)

Contact:  Joyce Henricksen

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Treasure State Miniature Horse Show

AMHR  2 judge

Treasure State Point Show

Date: Aug 26th & 27th  Vaughn, Montana

Contact: Clif & Sharon Hanson

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Member web sites

Mini Moons Miniature Horses   Edel Howard , Hamilton, MT

Shelly-Ann Miniature Horses  Chinook, MT

Mini Acres   Clif & Sharon Hanson, Brandy & Christian Deaton,  Great Falls, MT

Lilac Meadows Miniature Horses Julie Kimmey, Arlee, MT

M & M Miniatures Steve & Dawn Martin, Helena, MT

Mt Painted Ponie Miniature Horses Jimmie & Lindsay Mc Kay




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Brandy & Christian Deaton

David & Theresa Graham

Edel Howard

Julie Kimmey

Karlyn Kanewisher

Steve & Dawn Martin

Bob & Sherry Thomas

Marge & Jaymi Wegner

Clif & Sharon Hanson

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AMHA American Miniature Horse Association

AMHR American Miniature Horse Registry

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Bulletin Board Li'l Beginnings (miniature horses)

Lots of Miniature Horse Info Li' Beginnings


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